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Are Small Brands the Pandemic Sufferers?

Are Local Brands the Pandemic Sufferers?

This outbreak has given us a setback not only as a person but also in fashion. Fashion market having such a dynamic approach at all times, be it in any minor ceremonies to grand weddings, it has all come to a standstill. The desire to buy new clothes feels like a distant dream. Undoubtedly, it has increased the value, care and love for our existing garments making it a process of longetivity and frequent useability which we have always been avoiding then.

When it comes to outfits, our brand showcases specialised traditional attire. Mark the words, “specialised” not every fabric is entertained and “traditional” for occasions owing to varied ceremonies, weddings and functions only. This pushes us little more towards the suffering side than other fast selling outfits. Actually, sufferers is not a right term, we should legit be called “challengers”. Challengers?? Yes, a challenge of meeting the sales, a challenge of not deviating from our line of ‘pure’, ‘specialised’ and ‘traditional’, a challenge to the continuous efforts for the growth.

I as entrepreneur can only expect a positive impact on sales and on demand for fashion in the coming days. Keeping the above in mind, gearing up with new designs, new schemes related to sales, new colors , unique weavings will be our prior take in fashion. We would also take care of sustainability and make promotional noises with respect to energy consumption, pollution, waste. Diversity and inclusion has also to be taken care of. People should support local brands, as a boost up for Indian economy. Our moral duty lies in unfolding the facts, values, culture of our local habitat.

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