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Why Choose Umay?

Who Choose Us?

Now most people are confused that what Umay Benaras is all about? Sometimes they have embroidery in their feeds/stories/highlights, other and most of the times they have handloom sarees , dupattas. Are they manufacturing it? Or are they basic retailers? If yes, then what is so unique about them? Why a banarasi lover should choose them and not other designers? WHY UMAY BENARAS?

Well, Umay Benaras came into existence initially for the purpose of retailing, our weavers (karigars) were already in close contact with us because of our good family background in Banaras. There’s always a feeling of love and affection to your native place isn’t it? What if one gets a chance to glorify it’s beauty, to highlight the culture further, to spread the pureness? We got an opportunity, an idea, so we started from a scratch by introducing banarasi fabrics in Kolkata. (But what is unique about it, so many brands are already doing it, isn’t it?) Yes, many reputed brands are already in it, since years maybe thrice as experienced as I am right now but you see, the idea, creativity, a thought of playing with an already existing pure fabric is something which makes each one of us different and unique.

Yes, we don’t do personalised, customised weaving at present, but we make sure that our client receives something very varied in nature, something which is non repetitive, something that they can probably never receive from any other banarasi stores. (But how?) Well, let’s talk about embroidery first! We have our personalised workshop, Hand Embroidery only. Our focal lies in the fact that each embroidery is done upon a Handloom (already been weaved) fabric rather than a plain fabric so that it does not loses its recognition as a banarasi handloom and also it can become a heavier piece, making us more distinctive.

We do not follow the basic zari/kali ghagra with brocade blouse combo. Rather we go for a varied combo of giving a touch of hand embroidery to our kali/zari lehenga and customizing a complete hand embroidered blouse on a plain fabric (raw silk/spun silk, etc.). Most of the designers are seen playing with machine and hand embroidery duo to making it comparatively cheaper and less time consuming but we go by a simple logic that any particular lehenga/saree/dupatta should be firstly handwoven and then hand embroidered , whenever a shortcut is added to one, it somehow spoils the look, it never seems as royal and pure as it should be.

Apart from embroidery, we are digging our hands on different types of dye, by giving dual or trial shade of single color in our already woven fabrics. Making tassels out of sequins, pearls, or varied sorts and not restricting to threads, providing embroidery on palla, giving a combination blouse (mostly embroidered) along with a basic banarasi saree has been some of our highlights for which we have received so much love, appreciation and encouragement.

The main feature and probably the most unique among all is that we can never repeat, duplicate or customise the exact same saree, dupatta or lehenga set. Not because we don’t want it to be done, but because of the handloom feature each of our outfit holds. Selling wide colors, varieties, choices, in short selling in bulk is a big NO for us. Once a particular design is stocked out, it means that it is actually “Stocked Out”. 

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