Purple Bandhej Banarasi Dupatta


Bandhej Love! All the way from Bhuj. Intricately woven this Bandhej dupatta one cannot miss ! A silver zari dupatta with yellow and white Bandhej dots combined weaving. Full size dupatta coming up with hand made tassels of same colour.

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Considered as very auspicious by people of Gujarat & Rajasthan, Bandhani dupattas are produced by skilled artisans and their families. Bandhani also known as ‘Bhandej’ is a tie & dye technique involving extensive process where the fabric is tied at certain areas to form a pattern, dipped for dyeing and then dried.

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Pure Georgette


Intricate Bandhej with crushed effect throughout the dupatta. A promise of hand weaving with best of fabrics .These dupatta takes about 1-1.5 months to get ready.


1) Dry clean only.
2) Always fold your dupatta with the zari inward to protect the beautiful shine of the dupatta.
3) Store your dupatta in a dry dark place where there's no sunlight, air the textiles every few months.


There might be some irregularities in the saree due to it being a handwoven one, which indirectly adds to its uniqueness.