Rani Gharchola Orange Border


Beautiful combination of gharchola and golden jangla weaving throughout the saree with contrasting rani patterned zari border giving a traditional look to the entire saree. Contrasting orange broad palla with patterned golden zari weaving. The blouse is kept simple with floral boota segregated with a border (in the same color as palla).

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Originating from the Khambat (Cambay) region of Gujarat, Gharcholas have been used for years in Gujarati weddings. A sub-set of Bandhani (Indian tie and dye art), Gharchola was earlier made by traditional weavers and Bandhani workers. The dying process of Gharchola is historically associated with Jamnagar, as it’s believed that the water quality of Jamnagar is excellent for producing the rich red colours of Gharcholas.

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There are many cultural practices and religious/ ritualistic symbols associated with this integral aspect of Indian society. Gharchola is one of them! Best combination of gharchola and jangla weaving enhances the beauty of the saree.

Care instructions

1) Dry clean only.
2) Always fold your saree inwards to protect the beautiful shine of the saree.
3) Store your saree in a dry dark place where there's no sunlight, air the textiles every few months.


1) Fall and piko has not been done in the above saree.
2) There might be some irregularities in the saree due to it being a handwoven one, which indirectly adds to its uniqueness.