Shikargah Resham Zari (Jamni)


Want to look gorgeous with a saree? This Katan Silk saree in Jamni (shades of purple) is your answer. It is self weaved with the best quality Resham (thread) from India. This saree features a unique animal story narration using the resham weaving method. The animal figures boota are weaved with silver thread segregated all over the saree. To make this apparel appear attractive, it comes with a Patterned silver zari border and Palla. This saree completes the look with a stunning plain blouse (the same colour as of saree) with an eyecatching silver zari border for an attractive look.

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Katan is a thread, prepared by twisting a different number of silk filaments according to requirement gives a firm structure to the background fabric. Katan is a plain-woven fabric with pure silk threads.

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Jamni (Shades of Purple)


Katan Silk


1) Dry clean only.
2) Never store your silk sarees with other sarees. Wrap your precious saree in a muslin or pure cotton cloth and store it separately to maintain their longevity.
3) Always fold your saree with the zari inward to protect the beautiful shine of the saree.
4) Store your saree in a dry dark place where there's no sunlight, air the textiles every few months.


1) This particular saree comes with a different blouse piece. The model above is wearing a separate blouse only for styling purpose.
2) Fall and piko has not been done in the above saree.
3) There might be some irregularities in the saree due to it being a handwoven one, which indirectly adds to its uniqueness.
4) The package includes only the saree showcased.