Tussar Kadhwa Fabric


Handwoven tussar silk fabric having dual color(gold and silver) kadhwa zari boota weaving scattered throughout the fabric. It can be designed into various silhouttes – like kurta or even a blouse.

Width : 45 inches (approx.)

Note : 1 item equal 1 metre.

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Tussar silk is produced from several species of silkworms. Ideal for semi formal and formal occasions, these silks are prefect for any season. The strength of the tussar yarn due to its short fibre length makes it one of the most durable fabrics. Thus, a tussar silk fabric being expensive, is an excellent investment that will retain its natural lusture, softness for a very long time.

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Tussar Silk

Care Instructions

1. Dry clean only.
2. Store garment in a muslin cloth in a dry environment, as the zari tends to react to the weather changes.
3. Avoid spraying perfume directly on the garment.
4. Air the textiles every few months.


There might be some irregularities in the fabric due to it being a handwoven one, which indirectly adds to its uniqueness.